What 2000-year old secret is the fastest way to grow your business?

A live workshop to help you clarify your message, stop chasing clients and start growing your business .

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" Keli's system makes writing clear and compelling messaging fun and stress-free so that you can focus on providing exceptional products and services to your potential customers. It is going to increase your profits so quickly that you won't even remember what you invested for this workshop. "

- Prasant Pallikandi, Marketing Genius

Design a Viral Story

Create a clear and clever brand message that customers can’t forget and want to share.

Learn the Language the Sells

Sell Yeah! Now you can finally sell without sounding pushy or feeling sleazy.

Become a Marketing Ninja

You’ll have a unique script for One. True. Good. Beautiful. Brand Story.

Discover the Power of Fortune 500 Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

What Can Write For Your Life™ Workshop Do that a Million Dollar Website Can't?

Business owners struggle with explaining what they do, how they do it differently and who they do it for. Write For Your LifeTMWorkshop helps companies create a handcrafted script of words that amplifies your voice in One. True. Good. Beautiful. Brand Story that sells so your clients areattracted to and engaged with your soon to be fast growing company.

Create clear and concise messaging once and for all.

Learn how to find, attract and convert your ideal clients.

Stop struggling with right words to say, learn to be heard and understood.

Convert your clients into loyal tribe members.

Transform team members into cheering advocates.

Turn your website into a portal to the promised land.

Discover why the WFYL system is the fastest way to grow your business.

What Makes Keli Chevalier Different?

Keli Chevalier, creator of the YAY Periodic Table of Story Elements, teaches the Write For Your Life™ Workshop. Keli has not just studied story for decades, her knowledge has literally been battle-tested. Keli isn’t just preaching theory. In fact; her talents have been tested for two decades as a Public Affairs senior executive and war correspondent. You won’ t find her standing behind a lectern embossed with some ivy league crest. Instead, you’ ll find her boots on the ground with real-life entrepreneurs making a difference with real-life businesses.

The Write For Your Life™ framework is the result of Keli’ s frustration with seeing brilliant, talented entrepreneurs close the doors on their companies to inferior products and fewer touch points but bigger marketing budgets. Since completing herdebutnovel, Keli has consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs and breakout brands to increase their influence impact and quadruple their income.

In the 2-day Write For Your Life ™ Workshop you will...


Learn the brain science behind the success of major brands like Amazon, Apple and Dollar Shave Club. You will completely understand the power of clear messaging and authentic voice, how combining the two in an effective story framework will catapult your company’ s profits and annihilate anxiety often experienced when sitting down to write sales copy online.


Create your own personalized story formulas that you will repeat and duplicate throughout all of your brand messaging so your message is consistent on your website, in your email campaigns, in your keynote and elevator pitches. Let’ s just say, everything from your tagline to your twenty-minute talks will have YOU and YOUR CLIENTS NEEDS written all over it.


Put your new power tools to the test when we will walk through writing a fascinating sales page that actually gets read and understood so you get valued, appreciated and paid.

How Can a 2000-Year-Old Secret Grow Your Business?

The part of the human brain that receives information has not evolved in over 2000 years! Yet, the part of the brain responsible for inventing all the information we have today evolves at the speed of technology. It’ s no wonder we have the attention span of an ADD goldfish. Your customers are seeking clarity in a sea of noise. If customers have to think, your copy probably stinks! Nike knows it (Just do it!), McDonald’ s knows it ( I’ m lovin’ it.) and Apple knows it (Think different.)...clear and concise increases your price. Write For Your Life™ Workshop will increase your influence, impact and income (poetry not included).

Register for Write For Your Life™ Workshop now. Spend 2-days with Keli Chevalier and spend the rest of your life thanking God you made the right decision because it’ s not about thow much you say; it’ s about how much you’ re heard.

“ 2%of people think. 3% of people think they think. 95% of people would rather die than think.”
- John Maxwell

Don't make your messaging a life or death situation.
Happy clients like these want an easy clear choice to work with you.

What’s My Investment?

How much is boring, bloated unclear messaging costing you? How much have you spent on your gorgeous website that no one sticks around long enough to read? When was the last time your open rates were higher than your interest rates? Are potential clients passing up your irresistible offer for inferior products andservices? Can your entire team clearly articulate your client’ s problems, your company’ s solutions and your vision to change the world? No? Then, your messaging may already be costing you far more than this workshop.

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7 Step Story Framework

Complete Brand Messaging Kit

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7 Step Story Framework

Complete Brand Messaging Kit

6 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

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Personal Story Formula

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*Registration does not include hotel accommodations.

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7 pm | Dinner Reception
Write For Your Life ™ builds an attractive community of like-minded thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and talented business owners. Mingle with your new friends over a fabulous gourmet meal.

Participants of the Write For Your Life ™ Workshop are encouraged to share ideas and connect with other without fear. And, of course, fun is mandatory. After dinner, Keli will introduce the Yay Periodic Table of Story Elements and the Story Map so you will be all set to light the fire, kick the tires and rock ‘ n’ roll the 2 days ahead.


9:00 am | Session One
How 5000 years of Story Telling Will Grow Your Business

10:30am | Session Two
What you can learn from Fortune 500 Companies, Blockbuster Movies and Politics to grow your business

12:00 pm | Lunch

1:30 pm | Session Three
Who Are Your Ideal Clients and Where Do You Find Them?

3:00 pm | Session Four
What Do Your Clients Really Want?

5:00 pm | Day One Done


9:00 am | Session Five
Become the Guide and Lead the Hero

10:30 am | Session Six
How to Tell an Amazing Sales Story

12:00 pm | Lunch

1:30 pm | Session Seven
Navigating Your Successful Story Map

3:00 pm | Session Eight
(Bonus) Write Your Fascinating Sales

5:00 pm | Workshop Concludes

Live Workshop

November 13-15, 2016

Houston, Texas

Live Workshop

January 22-24, 2017

Houston, Texas

*Exact address for the workshop and hotel accommodations will be sent in a welcome email after you’ve registered.

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